Wellness on Meditude – blog

Wellness on Meditude is part of our efforts to invest in employees health.

This is a blog about our training. We believe that our training should be fun and we take it to the highest seriousness. We think also that our blog can be an inspiration to others.

You will be able to follow how things are going for us and our thoughts on it. Sometimes it happens something every day to write about, sometimes we will be lost in training and/or blogging but we do not give up ?

Tjejmilen New York

And so we were there and run the 10 kilometers. 11 000 women in start field at Columbus Circle. I, Kerstin, with the goal to run 10 kilometers without walking parts of the course and that the time would be under 1 hour and 30 minutes. Hilkka to run in 70 minutes.

The feeling of running in Central Park to see the surrounding area with skyscrapers in the skyeline makes the idea of running disappear and the focus is elsewhere.  2 kilometres before finish, the idea is only that it sits in the head if I will succeed and that now we need to keep in the target image.

The good feeling to get to the finish line is incredible which later in the evening is celebrated with a glass of Yellow widow. Thanks Hilkka we did good then we both managed to perform and get in goal with the result we wanted.


First milestone done before New York. Since then, it has been running two more passes this week. Now two days fred of exercise ?

Sweat and tears

It costs to compete but after 2 days of step competition, I can state that the individual input in step competition gives me a fourth place by 150 employees and that the team is taking a first place when two of the team members are in the top. It's fun with challenges although the body aches and it hurts.


Now we challenge the HSF unit Infrastructure

In 20 April Begins Step event in Stockholm County Council. For 1 month shall we go 218 km each Member of the team that is 290 000 steps/person. Law Crocodile consists of Bill Heiding Kentor, Eskil Österberg Kentor, Fredrik Öst Stretch and Kerstin Ankargård from Meditude. Team Infrasteget that challenged us consists of Kerstin Rising HSF, Lenah Hedberg HSF, Lars Klinga HSF, Carina Landberg and Kamran Khazravi HSF. Myself, however, I have thought that I also will challenge the other consulting companies in order to give the whole thing a extra touch.

After three-week break

Now the exercise started after three-week break and started with a strength that with PT. Thanks sparring partner that you insisted after personally had in the Caribbean 2 weeks and landed in the morning without sleep. Great to be back up and running

First jogging!

Got heel spur, not fun! Have new running shoes, extra posts in all shoes to help with heel spurs. Training programs, among other things, so I roll a tennis ball under the arch-will give a good massage.

Run can be done although heel spurs as long as people don’t get hurt, the experts say so it became the first outdoor round at 5 km in Ursvik yesterday.

Heavy, but feels good to be running ?

Training rhythm

Kerstin has really got started and Roger runs ?

I myself have had difficulty getting off at training, is really up and down. One week it will be 3 times and another week is not at all.

But, with flight ticket, accommodation and registration for the New York Road Runners and inspired by my fellow collegues – I’m inspired to just do it!