Tjejmilen New York

And so we were there and run the 10 kilometers. 11 000 women in start field at Columbus Circle. I, Kerstin, with the goal to run 10 kilometers without walking parts of the course and that the time would be under 1 hour and 30 minutes. Hilkka to run in 70 minutes.

The feeling of running in Central Park to see the surrounding area with skyscrapers in the skyeline makes the idea of running disappear and the focus is elsewhere.  2 kilometres before finish, the idea is only that it sits in the head if I will succeed and that now we need to keep in the target image.

The good feeling to get to the finish line is incredible which later in the evening is celebrated with a glass of Yellow widow. Thanks Hilkka we did good then we both managed to perform and get in goal with the result we wanted.