Hilkka Linnarsson

First jogging!

Got heel spur, not fun! Have new running shoes, extra posts in all shoes to help with heel spurs. Training programs, among other things, so I roll a tennis ball under the arch-will give a good massage.

Run can be done although heel spurs as long as people don’t get hurt, the experts say so it became the first outdoor round at 5 km in Ursvik yesterday.

Heavy, but feels good to be running ?

Training rhythm

Kerstin has really got started and Roger runs ?

I myself have had difficulty getting off at training, is really up and down. One week it will be 3 times and another week is not at all.

But, with flight ticket, accommodation and registration for the New York Road Runners and inspired by my fellow collegues – I’m inspired to just do it!

Back to training

Today it was a intense workout, tired already after about 10 minutes and even more tired thought it was 50 minutes left of the workout!  Was out of focus at the end and started thinking about other things like all the girls had long hair. Also noted that the girls had colorful and patterned outfit. The few guys who attended had almost all completely black outfit and all had long pants and black thin shorts over it. Felt anyway good on my way home, looking forward to a bit of strength training on Wednesday.


Today I devoted myself to “the mind” have played tennis. And when we draw lots for the teams, I am a “blank”

But we have fun and great exercise because I have to run much after the ball.

Missed the "favorite" pass

Today I was a little disappointed that I missed my “favorite” pass, visit with mom was scheduled. It was not the favorite pass but I moved 1 cubed wood about 20 metres to the Woodshed and 2000 square metre site should be raked! Got a work out yet

Vinnova conference

Qemajl and I at Conference, the key word is COOPERATION. It has really been about food, nutrition and about wellness – what are the innovations in this industry to give us better health?  So today is the mental exercise for us, but for my part, I intend to finish with a yoga class tonight ? Qemajl may continue baking