Qemajl Imeri

Push for training now breakfast

My family, my colleagues and most of my surroundings are pushing that I have to work out on a regular basis even though I may not participate in tjejmilen at Central park in June 2016. I’m not getting away anymore. I get to go jogging in the morning which I love.

Today something else got in the way. Freshly baked scones in the morning that I take with me to the heart clinic at Danderyd hospital ?

Wellness pleasure on Meditude

Wellness pleasure on Meditude is part of our efforts to invest in employees ‘ health.

This is a blog about our training. We believe that our training should be fun, but we take it to the highest seriousness. We think also that our blog can be an inspiration to others who may be rested in shape in 30 years.

You will be able to follow how things are going for us and our thoughts on it. Sometimes it happens something every day to write about, sometimes we will by us in training and/or blogging but we do not give up 🙂