Experienced IT professional joins Meditude

Meditude AB will soon have a new member of our team.
On May 8, Lennart Skärblom joins the Company as IT Management Consultant.

Lennart Skärblom M.Sc, started his professional career in the IT sector in the mid-1980s.
After working as a systems engineer for a number of different government agencies, he took the step over into Healthcare and Huddinge hospital in 1995. During the first two years Lennart worked as a technical project manager. In January 1997 he was asked to become head of the Department for Development.

− I was then the head of a group that was responsible for implementing a number of different eHealth systems in the Hospital, says Lennart Skärblom.

Thereafter he worked for six years as IT Director at St. Göran’s Hospital before moving to Stockholms sjukhem in 2008, where he holds the same position.
Over the years at Stockholms sjukhem he has, among other things, been responsible for, procurements, systems implementation and IT security.

-It has been very stimulating to follow the development in Healthcare, where the pace of change has been tremendously fast. Healthcare concerns us all and it is therefore important to develop systems that ease the lives of both staff and patients.

And now Lennart Skärblom is ready for new challenges.

Why Meditude?

− Primarily because Meditude is a forward thinking company with good values. After 19 years working as an IT Manager I have gained a lot of experience. I want to use my acquired skills to contribute in an area where there is a lot of potential. I am also well acquainted with the company’s CEO, Qemajl Imeri. He did his thesis work at Huddinge hospital when I a was manager there. It will be fun to work with him again.

What is your strength and skills?

-I believe that my analytical skills are my primary asset. I am able to see the big picture. I’m creative and can see solutions to problems.
In addition, I think that it is important to get input from staff in order to create a fair picture of reality that everyone can come to terms with, says Lennart Skärblom.

Facts: Lennart Skärblom

Age: 55 years.
Family: Wife and a 10-year-old daughter.
Lives: In Bromma.
Interests: Relaxing at the family’s country house.

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