The digitization streamlines health care

There is a large digitization wave in health care.
Meditude AB is a specialized company in health care area, including working with system development and management issues.

Consulting firm started in the beginning of 2015.
-I have been working as a software developer and architect in health care since I completed my studies at the Royal Institute of technology in 2002. Health care is an area where there is constant development on the ICT side and that is also why Meditude in a short time reached high-impact on the market, says Qemajl Imeri, CEO and founder.

Meditude work with solutions that increase efficiency and strengthen innovation in health care.

− Since the national e-health strategy came there has been an intensive and collaborative work all over Sweden. Here at Meditude we can contribute with our competence. All employees have a background in health care and have a good understanding how to lead various projects in the area, he says.

Facilitate information transfer
Qemajl Imeri, the main project leader for a mission around structured data (SVD) in the Stockholm County Council.

Qemajl as main project leader has been a part of the management to develop infrastructure and methods to facilitate the transmission of clinical data from medical records to the Quality Registries.

− This saves time for healthcare professionals and they can work much more efficient. Double documentation has long been a problem in health care and by eliminating this it saves a lot of time that you can spend on the patient meeting.

− For example, SVD-project has delivered a solution which means that the County Council of Stockholm and Gotland has direct transfer from the medical records to five psychiatric Quality Registries. A rough calculation that we have done in the SVD project shows that healthcare professionals have saved approximately 5 200 hours of unnecessary double documentation for the year 2015 compared to if they themselves would have been forced to search for information in the medical record and then documented it in the Quality Registries webinterface. When the solution during 2016 will be introduced to all psychiatric care units the time savings will be considerably larger.

National Quality Registries
There are 107 national Quality Registries within the health care system, which is unique for Sweden.

− Unfortunately this gold mine is today created at the expense of healthcare professionals time. The healthcare professionals are forced to first enter data in its EHR system and then make a note of the same information in a national Quality Registry. One of SVD-project’s tasks is to create infrastructure and methods that enable the time-consuming duplication of documentation will disappear. It is exciting that Meditude can contribute in this work.

Welcomes new employees
Meditude have four employees.

-Although we are still in the starting blocks, we have already been through a wonderfully exciting trip. In the future, we will continue on our successful line and create added value for our customers through innovative thinking and innovation. In addition, we welcome new colleagues who are passionate about working with modern business development and system development, says Qemajl Imeri.

Meditude, healthcare IT-surgeons, is a consulting company that works with management issues, business development and systems development in health care. Our consultants are specialized in implementation of projects customized to healthcare needs.

We are members of the professional association for medical technology Swedish Medtech and we have collective agreement with Almega IT&Telekomföretagen.