Meditude broadens their horizons for the future

Meditude AB, Healthcare IT-surgeons, will appear in various public contexts during the spring and summer.

-We want to show that we are here for the Healthcare sector, and because all our employees work with eHealth and leadership issues, it is natural for us to figure in these contexts, says Qemajl Imeri, expert in ICT within Healthcare and CEO of Meditude.

Lectures on Vitalis

On 5-7 April Meditude attends at Vitalis, the leading venue in eHealth, at Svenska Mässan in Gothenburg.

The event brings together over 3,000 participants during three days of 170 lectures an exhibition where vendors demonstrate their products and services.

Meditude will exhibit and attend with two lectures.

On april 6 between 9.30 and 10.00 will Qemajl Imeri together with Anette Guy-James and Mattias Agestam lecture on better patient care with reduced duplication of documentation in Stockholm and on Gotland.

On april 7 between the hours 13.30 and 14.00, will Hilkka Linnarsson (Meditude) together with Håkan Nordgren lecture about their Project StandIN, which aims to propose selection of eHealth standards for technical interoperability.

Quality registry Conference and Almedalsveckan

On april 12, is National quality registers Conference at Svenska Mässan in Gothenburg.

The Conference allows for the exchange of experiences between, Quality registers, Healthcare, business, and academy.

− Where we will participate in an exhibition area together with our client the Stockholm County Council and the Office of the National quality registers. We will then demonstrate transmission from EHR system to various quality registrys, “he says.

During week 27 is Almedalsveckan on Gotland and even then employee from Meditude will attend.

− Because we work with the public sector, it is important to meet people in lead positions at all levels. The week at Almedalen is a meeting place where we at Meditude are able to extend our arena to our customers, “said Qemajl Imeri.

Meditude, Healthcare IT-surgeons, is a consulting firm with expertise in management issues, business development and systems development in Healthcare.

We are members of the professional association for medical technology Swedish Medtech and we have collective agreement with Almega IT&Telekomföretagen.