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Dec 18

Meditude welcomes Anette Guy-James

Meditude AB is again extending the team. After the end of the year, Anette Guy-James will start as health informatics...
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Jul 18

Meditude in Almedalen 2018

Meditude in Almedalen 2018. Our CEO Qemajl Imeri tries out a scary VR game. We are here all week and look forward...
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Apr 18

Meditude on Vitalis 2018

Meditude on Vitalis 2018. We at Meditude have a lecture 25/4 at 11:30 Place J1 and moderating the track change...
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Feb 18

Planning with Meditude 2018

Planning with Meditude at Högbo Brukshotell. We have worked with our business plan, various policy documents and our business strategy....
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Dec 17

Christmas dinner and Christmas show with Meditude

Christmas dinner and Christmas show with Niklas Strömstedt. We at Meditude wish you all Merry Christmas & Happy New Year ?????
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Jul 17

Meditude in Almedalen 2017

Meditude in Almedalen 2017. Buzzwords this year: AI, sharing economy, disruptiv innovation and self-care. Have you seen us yet? If not, we...
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Feb 17

Experienced IT professional joins Meditude

Meditude AB will soon have a new member of our team. On May 8, Lennart Skärblom joins the Company as IT Management Consultant....
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Aug 16

Project opens for cross-border information management

StandIN project aims to strengthen the future of healthcare through the drafting of a basis for establishing the framework for...
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Mar 16

Meditude broadens their horizons for the future

Meditude AB, Healthcare IT-surgeons, will appear in various public contexts during the spring and summer. -We want to show that...
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Jan 16

The digitization streamlines health care

There is a large digitization wave in health care. Meditude AB is a specialized company in health care area, including working with...
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