Kerstin Ankargård

Objectives for 2016

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New year and new goals. The first week of January, with three great workouts on fairy tale Exercise. Training mixed with Organic Bodywork, strength and Pilates. I am pleased to be able to keep up with friend from Spain as a guest at the training. A Yoga workouts at home was also led by Silvia and then in Spanish. Great to train the brain with only Spanish during 9 days. This week started yesterday with intense workouts fitness classes. The goal in the first half of the year 2016 are to reduce waist size with 15 cm as a result of quitting smoking 1 september 2014 and to be in good shape when we girls working at Meditude springer girl miles in Central park, NY 11 June 2016.

Today we chill

It is important to rest between sessions which Sture shows. At the same time, Sture and Eddie gives me the everyday exercise that is so important for my health. It is proven that those of us who have dogs live much longer because we stay many hours more outdoors than others. Thanks Sture and my favorite Eddie who always want to be out there.